This is a subject I feel very strongly about and really want anyone reading this whether you are a model, adult performer, or even just on a regular dating website looking to meet a new friend or partner and Swingers (this Blog applies to you as well) I urge you to read this and take all necessary precautions. 

In our industry working as a model or adult performer, you will be on various sites with your profile and resume.  You will be contacted by some legit productions company and photographers interested in working with you but TRUST ME you will also get messages and offers from scams, fake accounts, and my favorite what we call a “GWC” Guy with camera. 

Always always always, get a website or link to their social media.  Ask for references, view their work, and here is an important one….. Get a phone # and run a background check on the number.   There are a VARIETY of apps that are not expensive for a year membership to run phone numbers and see if other performers/models, have caught the number in a scam and reported it. 

Do not drive to a location to shoot without talking face to face on an app like KIK, Facebook , WhatsApp ) to verify who you are talking to and run those background checks and reference checks.

Sites such as Model Mayhem you can see how long the Photographer has been a member, see references/credits from models who have shot with them, and view their work on this site as well as other social media apps. 

Dating site precautions

Sites such as bumble, POF, Tinder (etc.) too many to list, are great sites to meet new potential partners but before you get in your car to meet someone, talk with them face to face. I can tell you that my images have been stolen and put up on these dating sites without my knowledge.  I have had friends and ex-boyfriends reach out to me and say ” I did not know you were on Tinder” or nice to see you on Plenty of Fish” so this just shows you that people will catfish and miss represent.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK”. 

I feel so strongly about this and I am known to blast these scammers phone number and “images” all over social media.  Stay safe my friends as this is an issue for models, directors, photographers, performers, swingers HONESTLY anyone meeting anyone online (BEFORE YOU MEET FACE TO FACE) do your homework. 

See you next week for another informative Blog.  


Coralyn Jewel

Coralyn Jewel is a perfect example of a woman living by her favorite quote. "Patience will prosper"

A retired adult porn star, high-class escort, retired competitive athlete, porn director, swinger club owner, fitness trainer, wedding planner, talent manager, voice-over actress, coach, and speaker. Coralyn Jewel is the epitome of a strong powerful female entrepreneur.

Join her journey through life as a sex worker in a world where judgment is human nature. Follow her coaching, training sessions, speaking engagements and book signing schedule on as well as her social media.

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